Container Alfons - Mobile Energy Container

Container Alfons


Alfons – Mobile Energy Container

Installed in 3 hours !!!

Mobile energy power for :

  • Integrated rescue systems (temporary solutions for disasters areas)
  • Military purposes
  • Mobile hospitals
  • Base Transceiver Stations and telecommunication systems
  • Rural areas and local communities
  • Mountain rescue
  • Underground and open cast mining operations
  • Police stations
  • Cover peak power demands
  • Ports a Marinas
  • Gas Station



Container Alfons present

Technical details:

PV system:  9,2 kWp PV system, 28 monocrystalline PV modules, each 327 Wp, robust steel and aluminium construction for extreme condition  
Battery system:  battery voltage 48V, total capacity 1320 Ah, VRLA AGM and gas recombination technology, electrolyte fully absorbed in glass mat “AGM” separators with extremely high micro porosity 
Diesel generator:  continuous power 14,0 kVA/11,2 kW, alternator DUPLEX, nominal voltage 400V 3~ / 230V 1~, frequency 50Hz, protection class IP 54, weight in 320 kg. 
Fuel:  diesel 
Management system:  off-grid island system 3 x 400V / 50Hz 
Communications:  RS-485, Modbus 
Environmental:  operating temperature range – 10 to 45 °C, humidity 0-90 °C non condensing 
Dimensions/Weight:  2438 x 2348 x 6058 mm (w x h x l) / 6000 kg 
Design:  20 feet container (ISO 1C) 
Optional:  40 feet container (ISO 1A)
 modular PV system with the higher output (up to 18,4 kWp)
second wind turbine 5kWp
air condition
water treatment
higher battery capacity
additional fuel tank 1000 litre
generator to power 24 kW
bullet proof version
remote communication and logging via GPRS
Variel a.s.

Variel a.s.

A company Variel has been on the Czech market for more than 50 years. Variel is a pure Czech company without any foreign shares. The company Variel is focused on developing, manufacturing and testing various types of special containers.

Decci a.s.

Decci a.s.

Decci a.s. is a Czech company, which owns and operates photovoltaic power plants undera single trademark, FVE CZECH. This trademark represents a complex technological photovoltaic power plant design, operational regulations and control systems for photovoltaic power plant operations.

Energy Cloud

Energy Cloud

Found in 2008. We are involved in designing, realization and monitoring systems for renewable energy sources, especially in PV systems and wind turbines. We have already designed more than 1GW in PV systems for more than 100 projects worldwide. Our systems are based on standards of industrial automation.

Terra Endress Power Generators

Terra Endress Power Generators

Whether it is for energy centers, backup or building generators, company TERRA is ready to offer you a complete solution for your energy system generators ENDRESS. Innovative special machines for fire fighting, disaster relief and emergency services are also part of the program.